Progress North Carolina is under attack for telling the truth. Help us fight back.

For almost a year, Progress North Carolina has worked hard to hold an out-of-control state legislature accountable for an agenda which is out of touch with mainstream North Carolina. Now the Republican Party is trying to bully and silence the people who are holding the spotlight and telling the truth. Help us fight back against their bullying tactics.  

Last week, the NC Republican Party filed a frivolous IRS complaint against Progress NC and some of our issue partners, saying we violated rules against electioneering. We did not. We have always operated within the parameters of the law when holding elected officials accountable and we intend to fight back hard against this intimidation. But we need your help to do it.

Our elected officials must be held accountable or our democracy is in deep trouble. This year has been vivid proof. You may even remember our Out-Of-Control campaign and tour. In the wake of the outrageous midnight special session that General Assembly leaders held in January, Progress NC teamed up with other non-profit groups to show citizens how some lawmakers are abusing our legislative system to target political opponents and ram through special interest legislation. We created a website and held town halls across the state. Our goal was to inform voters about what was happening in Raleigh and hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

Our campaign worked. More people and more media outlets are asking questions about the extreme legislation passed in our state over the past two years -- and the methods that lawmakers used to pass these bills. Which is why, months after the Out-of-Control website went up and the tour was already over, the GOP filed a complaint with the IRS. The Republican Party claims that holding state lawmakers accountable months before election season is political electioneering. That's hogwash.

These intimidation tactics will not succeed. We will continue to spotlight
the abuses and hold the powerful accountable. Isn't that the key to a healthy democracy? 

Please send us a donation today to support our efforts to keep voters informed about what is happening in the General Assembly. Even $25 would help greatly and you have the option of giving a small amount monthly, if you prefer.


Thank you for your support. We understand that, for some of you, discretionary money is scarce. If you cannot afford to give money, we would very much welcome you donating your time to some of our volunteer efforts.

Together we can move North Carolina forward again!