Tell NC lawmakers it's time to face the facts:

Lawmakers will be back in session on Wednesday and they are staring at a $750 MILLION HOLE in North Carolina's K-12 public school budget. The Chairman of the State Board of Education knows we're in troubleSchool superintendents know we're in trouble. Parents and students know their schools are in trouble. Even the media knows our schools are in trouble. All of these are reasons why Gov. Perdue devoted much of her budget this year to trying to save our schoolsDespite this consensus that our school system is in peril, GOP leaders continue to insist that they added classroom staff last year, rather than cutting the thousands of teachers and teaching assistants who were laid off. They continue to deny that our schools and our children are suffering, despite the relentless and overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Tell NC's lawmakers to listen to school superintendents and make badly-needed changes in our public school budget policies. Please sign our petition to lawmakers today.