This is too much and way out of touch....

Super Committee discussions about how to trim the nation's budget deficit ground to a halt this week because conservative Republicans refused to compromise on changes to the tax code --  they  will not agree to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for upper income citizens and they are demanding Democrats agree to a plan that would actually LOWER tax rates for millionaires even more.


Yes, in the face of Occupy protests involving millions of Americans willing to take to the streets because of economic inequality in our country -- inequality that is bringing tens of thousands of families to the brink of poverty and making it impossible for young people to start careers -- a major political party in America is calling for even more economic inequality. Yes, even as millionaires are speaking up and insisting they be taxed at a higher rate for the good of our country, a major political party is holding up what they themselves said was the most important step to strengthen our economy-- all so that millionaires can enjoy even greater tax advantages over middle class and lower income citizens. 


This is going too far. Read more here:


Then let your elected officials know exactly what you think of their priorities. 


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