The Jerry Tillman Story

Earlier today, we told you about Sen. Jerry Tillman's prediction that today's ESC report would indicate that "few, if any" teachers would lose their jobs. That prediction proved wrong and now Jerry is looking for someone to blame. From the AP:

jerry tillman.jpgSen. Jerry Tillman, a key GOP education budget-writer, projected earlier this month that Friday's figures would show much fewer public school classroom workers out of a job compared to the summer because they were rehired after the first few weeks of classes.

At first glance, Tillman said, Friday's numbers don't appear to provide the detail about state-funded public school positions that he had been led to believe would be present to confirm his projections.

People like Brenner are speaking hyperbole about the budget, according to Tillman, who said in an interview he's still confident accurate numbers will ultimately prove his contention that more teachers are still working than previously calculated.

"If we don't have that in the classroom, then somebody dropped the ball," said Tillman, R-Randolph.

Side note: has Tillman never seen one of these ESC reports or does he not care about unemployment in NC? He should know these reports don't provide details on teacher employment.


Poor Jerry doesn't know what to do. His colleagues slashed the education budget and now, as Chair of Education Oversight, he's left holding the bag. He's looking for someone to blame, someone who "dropped the ball."


First he ought to look in the direction of Thom Tillis and Phil Berger, but then he should find a mirror.  Of all people, Tillman, a former school administrator, should know what happens when you cut hundreds of millions of dollars from school budgets. But he voted for it anyway. It's a shame.